About CSSG

CSSG focuses on providing IT solutions for a wide range of organisations, from local businesses to major blue-chip companies. It has specialist expertise in accounting systems, databases, networking, the not-for- profit and construction sectors and many, many more. CSSG is proud to work with customers large and small - from simple PC upgrades to complex multisite installations. Every single customer is treated with the same care and attention. How do we do it? Like most things, it's a blend of experience and skills.

If you visit our retail stores, you'll be dealing with people with many years experience; our financial systems and accounting expertise go back 30 years; our application development 5 years. At CSSG, we nave an unrivalled mix of business and IT experience. And that means we KNOW that the promises IT vendors make don't often stack up in real life. So we work hard to ensure that any promises, made by us, to you, can be met. It means you get reliable systems, good value PCs, outstanding services and solutions that solve problems rather than cause them. You get, in short, what IT has always promised and now, thanks to CSSG, can deliver.

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Computer Services and Software Ltd, Ground Floor, Kingham House, 1 Kingham Way, Luton, Beds, LU2 7RG